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January, 2001

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Boynton Beach Neighborhood Art District, sign

Boynton Beach Neighborhood Art District, sign

Palm Beach Post
January, 2001

Soaring to new heights

By Sue Kovach
First Sunday Edition

January 2001, The Palm Beach Post, Soaring to new heights by Sue Kovach. Rick Beau Lieu, 53, was born into a family of metalworkers in the tool and die business. But unlike the four generations preceding him,he was the first to take the skill to artistic heights---Literally. Beau Lieu is best known for his monumental metal sculptures, including Florida's largest outdoor sculpture, a 40-foot, 7-ton piece called Liberty. Creating sculpture is only part of Beau Lieu artistic life.He spends time in art education working with children and has received awards for that involvement. But his pet project is the Neighborhood Gallery, an art gallery that is literally a neighborhood, the once-rundown West Industrial Avenue area of Boynton Beach where his studio (and Liberty) is located.

Beau Lieu and others cleaned up the trash, installed fences, planted trees,and lined the streets with original paintings and sculptures. The neighborhood has recently been designated The Art District of Boynton Beach.
"I've been an artist for most of my life, and it's been very good," Beau Lieu reflects. For those just beginning to follow their creative muse, he notes that all budding artists have to pay their dues. You may encounter struggles, and you may be tempted to sit and wait for things to turn around. But creating the work can be its own reward." If you don't know what to do, just do what's in front of you," he advises.

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Neighborhood Gallery Breaking News

Neighborhood Gallery Breaking News


The City of Boynton Beach recently recognized the Neighborhood Gallery as a city landmark. We are proud of the new sign that was installed (below) to help direct traffic to us and are grateful to the city, the chamber and the community for their continued support.

Thanks from all of us at the Neighborhood Gallery!

Shown below is the new signage installed to help visitors find the Neighborhood Gallery from Boynton Beach Blvd easier. To get here, exit from Interstate 95 onto Boynton Beach Blvd. Head west one block and look for the sign on right that marks the entrance to the gallery on West Industrial Avenue. See you here!

Boynton Beach Neighborhood Art District, sign

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