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Boynton Beach Neighborhood Art District, sign

Boynton Beach Neighborhood Art District, sign

Boynton Beach Community News August, 2000

Neighborhood Gallery
showcases local artists

By Shirley Green
Special to the Community News

It starts out as a bar of cold hard steel, and ends up as a tall, graceful sculpture reminiscent of colorful hair ribbons tossed in the wind. Richard Beau Lieu, 50, award-winning sculptor creates art from interesting materials like steel.

He comes by his love of steel naturally. "My family was in the steel industry for 100 years, so I'm at home around metal," he said. " I apprenticed at a bronze foundry, and I do bronzes as well. But I really prefer steel, first, because I like its availability, second, because I prefer doing the whole thing myself without having to contract with a foundry. This way I'm in control of the whole project, and I don't have to depend on anyone else to make it happen."

But the real reason he prefers working in steel is"... because I can build things as big as I want." Like his sculpture 'Liberty,' for example, which stands an imposing 40 feet tall and weighs seven and a half tons.

Neighborhood Gallery - Hompage

Neighborhood Gallery Breaking News


Neighborhood Gallery Breaking News

In the newspaper article above, Richard W. Beau Lieu, the sculptor and proprietor of Neighborhood Gallery, smiles in front of his wall sculpture, 'Reflections of the City'.

Palm Beach Post July, 2000

Outdoor gallery replaces
dump with industrial art

Neighborhood residents and
business Owners worked together to
clean up the site. Seventeen artists
display work at the outdoor gallery.

By Linda Haase
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Getting to this art gallery is like taking a trip down the yellow brick road. The narrow path is filled with the unknown. But at the end, there's a pot of gold – the Neighborhood Art Gallery.

Nearly every nook and granny is filled with delightful artwork – and this is not a stuffy lower-your-voice art gallery. It's outdoors and smack in the middle of an industrial park aptly named Industrial Avenue.

This gallery gives new meaning to industrial art. Six rusting mammoth grading machines are used for easels, trees serve as walls and the sky provides the lighting – until it gets dark and the lights are turned on. After all, this gallery is open until the wee hours.

The gallery began about two years ago when artist Richard Beau Lieu, who has a studio on Industrial, wanted to give the area some pizzazz, something that was missing when he set up shop 13 years ago. Other artists who had set up studios in the area joined the effort.

"IT was loaded with mechanics. The street was a catchall for abandoned cars, old mattresses and trash. People dumped their old fridges and everything else" Beau Lieu said.

Neighborhood Gallery - Hompage

Neighborhood Gallery - Hompage


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